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NO INSULT ! IT IS FORBIDDEN TO PUT C4 IN PVE MODE TO EXPLODE IT IN PVP MODE ! Max level 100, Wild dino 150 Each weight point stat give 5X on player and dino Mod : StackMod,S+,ClassicFlyers,ReusablePlus,MeatSpoiler,Egg N Poop collector Settings : PlayerMaxLvl 100,Wild 120,Taming 100, Ressource 100, XP 20, Breed X20 Rule : English or french in global chat, no limit for turret, No construction behind and inside cave (ARTEFACT CAVE ONLY). AUTO RESTART : 4AM and 4PM (UTC +1) Flyer Carry disabled in PVE PVE from 11PM to 6PM PVP no rules from 6PM to 11PM (UTC +1)


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