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Server OVH config : MC-64 Intel Xeon-D 1540 8c/16t - 2,1GHz/2,6GHz 64Go DDR4 ECC 2133 MHz SoftRaid 2x2To 250 Mbps bande passante vRack : 10 Mbps Config IG: Taming x20 XP x10 EggHatch x40 Babymaturation x30 Max Wild Dino Level - 150 Max Character Level - 105 Mods : S+ : 731604991 Ultra stack : 761535755 Incubator : 554678442 Super SpyGlass : 793605978 PetFinder :566887000 Reusable Plus : 693416678 Ark server group : SURVIVOR'S BATTLEGROUND -RESPECT the players and admins, FAIR-PLAY and absolutly no insults. -Automatic turrets and X plants are limited to 250 per tribe. -5 Giganos per tribes. -12 players per tribe. -Do not hold a player more than 20 minutes(prisoner). -Avoid wipe a base completely... -2 bases per tribe maximum. -No refund of the stuff in case of server crash (stuff and bp). -No Respawn kill flood. -Prohibited to raid the new players over a period of 3 days, provided that these didn't raid anybody, under penalty of losing their immunity. Put panels with the date of your arrival in front of your base. -Don't exploit the advantages of the raid off (ex: go to place c4 in advance) -Don't Raid and PVP during an Event. -Don't build in cave with rich resources or Artifacts or block the access. All the others caves ( without resources or important things ) can be use to build a base , and u can block the access. -Don't place foundations on submarine loots. -No blocking spawns. -No dinos with automatic turrets and Plants Species X. -Don't harass NEW PLAYERS. -The taming of brontos is disabled -12 Griffins MAX per tribe & 15 Wyverns MAX per tribe


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